Osierlea is a private dressage training establishment in North-central California, dedicated to the correct
training of horses and riders through understanding of the biomechanics of the horse, biomechanics of
the rider, and the nature and learning processes of the horse.

It is located a mile from the village of San Juan Bautista.   It’s an hour and half south of San Francisco
and Oakland, an hour south of San Jose, and 45 minutes north of Monterey.  It is easily accessible
from Highway 101 and Interstate 5.

San Juan Bautista is a well-preserved historic site from early California, with its own California Mission.   
Nowadays it is mostly boutiques, antique shops, and restaurants.
We enjoy a benign climate only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.   The San Juan Valley is a rich
agricultural area - mostly row crops and orchards – especially famous for garlic and apples.

The facility consists of an indoor arena with 15 box stalls, 20 covered paddocks 16’ x 24’, and two
outdoor arenas.   Outdoor fields with shade trees allow the horses to live outside in natural conditions

A spacious conference room allows space for seminars and forums.   The library contains hundreds
of books on many subjects, including, of course, horses.

There are two motels in the village.
"A 'family photo' -
From L to R Ijselmeer Ikepono (Chelsey Sibley), Exakt (Patty
Mayer), Vosmaer (Stacee Collier)."

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